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In Topic: The Ozzie bloke from down under

08 January 2015 - 03:00 AM

G'day, been spending the last 6months focusing my attention on my weiruarch HW66 production 22 hornet. The day I bought it I took it to a gun smith & had it converted to a K-Hornet. I was working on hand load development yesterday & a bit of fire forming & this happened. Total case separation. Absolutely guttered so it's going to a specialised gunsmith to have it completely reamed from scratch & case match. I'm hoping to turn a bad situation into a good one because a friend who has a matched chamber on his K is getting an extra 250fps over the standard loading books specs. I'll be happy if this happens once the rifle is re-done

In Topic: G'day from South Australia

08 January 2015 - 02:49 AM

G'day boss, names Josh from Victoria. Our American counterparts sure get into this stuff don't they, I love it!!. It's been 17 years since
I've hit the 1mtr mark, I've come close so many times

In Topic: Good luck for 2014 from Down under

28 March 2014 - 11:43 AM

No fear mate. Where I am we don't get snow or extreme temperatures. I've learnt slot about my local waterways over the last 12months. Last year I only shot at night so when the cold nights set in you couldn't find any fish but day time fishing seems to be ongoing which is great for me. Winter means higher rain fall so flash flooding is the only thing that see's me putting bow away

In Topic: What's your favorite gun?

01 February 2014 - 01:58 AM

G'day, question: anyone have experience with the 22 K hornet, looking at one as an inbetweener to fill the gap between my 22( with subsonics) & a 22-250 for mainly foxes out to 250-300yds but with reduced noise. I have a mate teaching me about hand loads & his load data, tests & FPS data is impressive......thoughts?

In Topic: Bowfishing Down Under in Australia

01 February 2014 - 01:45 AM

G'day everyone, no photos today but thought I'd share something with you all. It's common knowledge that carp are a tough species but what happened the other day impressed me as to just how tough. We have experienced a bad heat wave which has resulted in the creek water levels dropping down to the point where the carp struggle to move around freely. I went for a late afternoon walk & had failed to see any fish. After walking 2kms I decided I'd had enough so I headed back to the car. Along the way I came across a section of reed beds where a month ago I had shot a close to 3ft carp but lost it at the waters edge. As it got off & swam away it was bleeding heavily & parts of its internals were hanging out & figured it would simply die from its wounds. I saw a big rig that was working the bottom stirring up the mud in that same spot. As I waited for it to surface from a hole of murky deep water I noticed it had a large black/navy blue patch on it & what appeared to be a white lump sticking out of this dark patch. Waiting waiting bang! Right behind the gills & was dead by the time I had it on the bank. As I pulled the arrow out of it I was inspecting it as it was a big healthy fish then worked my way down to the odd looking dark patch on its body then it occurred to me that it was the fish I'd shot & lost a month ago. The dark patch was scare tissue from the exit wound & much to my surprise the white lump was actually one of its internals that hadn't got back into the body cavity but the fish amazingly had recovered & survived. It's no wonder carp are the number 1 fish vermin species in the planet