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In Topic: New to the sport. Need advise!!

14 February 2015 - 03:26 PM

In response to the "hard to turn with front mounted trolling motor" yes it is kinda hard but, if its pretty calm there is no problem, we have an 80# minnkota trolling motor on the front of the 21 footer and it can move that 5500lb boat easy with no worrys of hitting a dock or bottoming it out.

In Topic: New to the sport. Need advise!!

12 February 2015 - 11:18 PM

ill tell ya what, we have a 21' Bennington pontoon and it is most certainly NOT a bow fishing boat, but i took the rubber shop mats from menards and a couple tarps and covered the bottom, we took a 8' 2x4 and put 6 250 watt halogens on it and clamped it to the front, it worked but wasn't the best, we had fun though. 

ANYWAYS aside from that story, if i were to do a pontoon (which i would LOVE to) I would find a cheap 16ft (depends on where you bow fish for size) pontoon from craigslist (make sure the pontoons are 16 ft not the deck) i would weld beams across the pontoons and make the deck completely cover the pontoons. i would make the front 4ft a large box baisically 2 ft high and the width of the deck. I would make the entire platform storage as well. With the rest of the boat its up to you. That is how i would do it.