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#5008 New reel for an old bow

Posted by mattman on 07 February 2015 - 04:27 PM

never heard of them. Also when i see people using spinners they are alot bigger, i dont know if it for more line or better drag. but for $31  cant go to wrong. The only thing i would suggest is to always push your button when you knock your arrow, and then again before you shoot. if you tie to the end of the arrow, when you draw back your arrow should fall from your string. just knock your arrow reel all the extra and push your button. hope this helps. and good luck.

#4100 stickers look good on my truck

Posted by mattman on 03 August 2013 - 01:20 PM

That's awesome. Personally I don't like mud everywhere I would rather go 2 tracking. I got 15 inch rims soon to be wrapped in 37's right now there 35's

#3560 Who wants some nice BowfishingForum stickers?

Posted by mattman on 18 June 2013 - 09:05 PM

I think the pictures are upside down and I can't figure out how to change it

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#3018 Rain.rain.and more rain

Posted by mattman on 29 May 2013 - 07:48 PM

lol your team name better be Mary Poppins. Please,Please take pictures of that.

#2645 Got my truck

Posted by mattman on 12 May 2013 - 04:47 AM

So when out and looked at a truck this morning with the insurance money I go for the 4runner and my tax returns. 94 Chevy with 88k on new motor. new rockers, 7 inch lift and 2 inch body lift. 8000lbs winch, KC lights, custom bumpers,and straight pipes that dump under the cab. Kinda loud but whatever, I like it. Just hoping that the cops dont like it more than me. Needs alittle work but for what I got it for, should still be a good deal. Gotta jump just to get in the dang thing but I should be fun. Also came with a second Trans. so I might rebuild that one and replace the one its got in it. Right now it wont shift under power, you have to let off the gas till it shifts. hoping its just a bad sensor, but like I said I got a 2nd one so maybe just swaping them out

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#1622 New Here

Posted by mattman on 29 March 2013 - 12:24 PM

welcome, i hope you post alot of picts of your boat