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In Topic: ANNOUNCEMENT: New Forum Software Coming to bowfishingforum.com

16 June 2021 - 04:39 PM

I want to give you an update on the process I use once the site goes live with the new platform.


The night before the site goes live you will see an announcement from me that the site will be going live soon. Once the actual process starts, the site will be in read-only mode while the team does the migration from the old platform to the new one.


Once it goes live you will see an announcement thread created here in this section. All questions and feedback about the new platform should be posted ONLY in that thread.

  • You will see me reply to the thread introducing myself.
  • I will add a new signature and avatar to the admin account.

What should you be doing now before this happens?

  • Make sure your email address is up to date in your account.
  • If you don't remember your password, now would be a good time to reset it. Save the information.

When Will This All Happen?


bowfishingforum.com is currently scheduled for June 24, 2021. HOWEVER, the schedule is very fluid, so that could change depending on any complications or schedule changes. I am simply giving you a heads up.


As your dedicated support, I will be here with you multiple times a day once the site goes live with the new platform, answering questions, and listening to feedback.


My only request is that you remain patient with me while we work through the changes.


- Cricket